Come Home

by Pyramidal

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released November 25, 2016

All music by: Pyramidal (Joran Bakx)
Mastered by: Pyramidal (Joran Bakx)

Limited Edition Cassette available @ Already Dead Tapes & Records:

It took me a long time to finish this project. Some songs started out in 2015 and the beginning of 2016 and they gradually changed and took there form. It felt like I had to finish this album in order to move on, musically and in real life. The album is meant to feel like a journey. As I was on a journey myself at the time, my life changing and learning to get out of myself and into the world. Having a significant other to help me build a new home and a new life.

Introduction by Sean Hartman from Already Dead Tapes & Records:

"I'm really excited to be introducing you to Pyramidal's latest release, Come Home. It is the AD follow up to 2013's excellent Change Of Heart. His first album was one of my favorites from the early days of the label and it's been a real treat to dive into this new creation. You can really feel the artistic growth and maturity here. The formula is relatively the same. Subtle, drifting synths and field recordings mixed with a driving yet relaxed beat. However, it feels like so much more this time. The music really pulls you in. Almost as if you become a part of the sounds and transform into an unseen observer on an intimate personal journey through time, space and scenes of varying beauty. I know this album is going to be getting a lot of play time from me. I hope you can spend some quality time with it as well. Enjoy!"

- Sean Hartman, Already Dead Tapes, 2016

Review from Richard Allen from '':

"Come Home starts with a siren, laughter and a horn, then in mid-track incorporates ambience and a baby’s gurgle, suggesting that something unusual is going on: a tour, perhaps, through cities both internal and external. Vinyl crackles provide mild hints of plunderphonics, but Come Home is not an easily-pigeonholed album. Beats approach in comforting fashion, but stop shy of the dancefloor. A child cries out; a harp is strummed; a spoken word sample speaks of “Life and Upbringing”. In a way, the album operates as yin to Lost Trail’s yang; things are still strange here, but no danger is involved. The samples recall those used by The Orb in their early days, circa “Little Fluffy Clouds”. The most affecting: “Oh, it should be so easy to be happy, shouldn’t it? It should be the easiest thing in the world. I wonder why it isn’t.” Yet the music is as calming as the woman is wistful, as if Pyramidal is responding in the resurrected language of trip-hop. Pyramidal’s music is nostalgic, but his message is timeless. “If you get a little bit of insight into yourself and into the world and in your relationship to the other 3 billion people on the earth … maybe you won’t be so stupidly violent.” (Richard Allen)



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